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        Zhejiang Wuyi top credit industry and trade Co., LTD is a professional manufacturer of stationary and cleaning supplies.

Our company plant covers more than 20,000 square meters of land, we have advance equipment, a strong technical staff, a group of outstanding management personnel, and more than 200 highly trained staff working for us non-stop. Our motto is to "focus on quality, and seek further development", the idea behind our management is to have unparalleled product inspection, product development, production, and sales in the industry, trade, and enterprises that are heavily favored by both Chinese and foreign customers.

Customers agree, a company that is "highly prestigious, and focuses on quality first". The company will continue to introduce advanced equipment, outstanding talent, improved products, and better service. We are consistent with our product quality, reasonable price, and services to our customers. We warmly welcome new and old customers with open hands to create a better tomorrow.

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